Candle Tips

Taking care of your new candle can extend it's life and ensure you get a great scent experience every time. Follow these 6 easy tips for keeping your candles in great shape.

1. Be sure to trim your wick before each time you light the candle to 1/4" (it's much shorter than you probably think.) This will ensure the wick melts the right amount of wax and creates a good scent throw. 

2. For your first burn, be sure to burn the candle for 2-3 hours or until the entire top surface of the candle has melted. 

3. On your second and subsequent burns, avoid burining your candle for less than about 90 minutes, or until the entire top of the candle has turned liquid, and no more than about 4 hours. Burning your candle for too short of a period can cause wax to be left on the side of the jar while burning your candle for too long will shorten it's life. 

3. If you made your candle during our candle workshop, be sure to wait at least 1 week before burning your candle to let the wax and fragrance oils cure.